a portrait of Brian Kuchta, a Better Meadows employee

Bryan Kuchta

Wildlife Specialist, Partner, CEO

I am committed to assisting landowners improve their land so that it’s better than when they first got it, and I really enjoy helping clients realize the full potential of their property. Before joining BM&W, I was a wildlife technician for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for about 15 years. I earned a Bachelor of Science from Northland College, along the shores of beautiful Lake Superior, and I have been a licensed pesticide applicator for several years. When I’m not outside for BM&W, you can find me outside hunting, fishing, or cheering on my kids at all their sports’ events.

a portrait of Katie Downie, a Better Meadows employee

Katie Downie

Forester, Partner, CFO

I have Bachelor of Science degrees in Atmospheric Science and Forestry from The Ohio State University.  I strive to create healthier forests, wildlife habitats, and water resources to provide opportunities for our landowners to fully enjoy their investments. I have been helping manage land for twenty years, and am a licensed pesticide applicator and Technical Service Provider for several USDA NRCS programs. When I’m not out in the woods, you can find me being an Irish dance mom or in the kitchen canning and preserving my garden harvests.

a portrait of Daniel Castellucci, a Better Meadows employee

Daniel Castellucci

Forester, Partner, COO

I have been in the industry for over 15 years and am a Technical Service Provider for the USDA NRCS. I have an Associate’s in Forest Management from Hocking College, and a Bachelor’s in Forest Management from West Virginia University. I like to work with landowners who have a passion for their properties and enjoy assisting them achieve their goals. When I’m not in the woods, you can find me around my hobby farm and coaching my daughter’s sports teams.

a portrait of Jackson Bogardus, a Better Meadows employee

Jackson Bogardus

Wildlife Specialist, Crew Foreman

Previously I was a wildlife technician at Ohio and South Carolina Departments of Natural Resources. I am a graduate of Hocking College and West Virginia University, holding an Associate’s Degree in Wildlife Management Resources and a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, respectively. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outside, and I chose this career to help make a difference in the natural world.

a portrait of Ireland Connor, a Better Meadows employee

Ireland Connor

Forester, Field Technician

Some of my tasks includes herbicide application, creation of pollinator plots, tree plantings, and installing wildlife habitat structures. My goal is to help create connections for landowners with their land.  An appreciation of nature and the desire to help restore it is why I do what I do. I have held this appreciation from a young age; always feeling the need to be outside. This has carried forward to my choice of career and my hobbies of my ever-expanding garden, walking my dog, and sitting around the fire with my family.

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